A city full of culture and art

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas, the largest city of the Lone Star State is fourth in the US, right after New York City and Los Angeles. Houston, TX is still being discovered every day by people around the globe. It is located just upstream of the Gulf of Mexico and is a major port for markets around the world. It is located in Texas, an oil-rich state. Many of the world’s most prominent energy multinationals call it home. Houston, Texas is America’s next great city. It is unique, vibrant, diverse, and prosper.

Houston is unique in that there are no zoning ordinances, unlike other cities in the US. It is the result that each neighborhood is made up of a mix of homes, businesses, churches, schools, parks, and other places for worship. While some areas maintain a traditional layout, you will not find Houston with such an organized chaos anywhere else. There is a lot of traffic, and a car is a necessity here. You’ll need to pay attention as you drive through town. There are many treasures hidden among the mundane.

Houston, Texas-like many other big cities-has a strong fine arts community. The city’s downtown district has the highest concentration of theaters and performance spaces in America, other than Broadway. Space City is home to many world premieres and tour companies for all the major musicals. The Rothko Chapel is also worth a visit. Mark Rothko was an influential artist of the 20th century. Since before his suicide in 1970, art historians and critics have praised Rothko’s experiments with color and composition. Rothko was suffering from severe depression when he decided to end his life. He had just completed a project in which he created a space in Houston for meditation and decorated it with original artworks. This space is considered a major piece of art and is open for the public to see the dark works by this highly significant artist. There are many museums and galleries in the city that include a great opera house and a world-famous ballet.


Houston is a major player in hip-hop. Houston’s rap musicians have created a distinctive sound that is now being emulated by DJs all over the world. The H-Town sound is best described by “chopped-and-screwed” tracks. Slowed down and echoing, this sound was created by DJ Screw to imitate the effects of prescription cough syrup. Screw was responsible for many deaths.

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